Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mudslinging: A Dark Art at its Finest

In the latest mudslinging battle between Romney and Obama for voters in this year's election, Obama has been accused of quite an offense.  According to "My Way News," Romney accused Obama of classified material leaks.  This takes mudslinging to a new level.  If, indeed it is proven, this could be a huge detriment to Obama's success in this year's election.  He was accused of leaking classified details about the U.S. raid on Osama bin Ladin for political gain.  
From the TexasFred Blog, Obama's discipline for office is brought into question.  In the blog commentary of the article "Romney accused Obama of classified material leaks," the editor is clearly disgusted.  If it isn't apparent from the first line of the commentary, the editor is clearly anti-Obama and probably a Republican (while we can't rule out a smaller party affiliation.)  The editor is clearly reaching out to all the Republicans and people that are on the fence about their decision for this year's election.  He/she even states that "If Barack Hussein Obama thought it would win him a 2nd term in office he would leak the current nuclear launch codes..." This is quite a harsh statement for someone to make when all the offenses being brought to light aren't even confirmed.  From this statement, the editor loses all credibility.  While yes, Romney did accuse Obama of leaking classified material, the editor takes this accusation too far.  This, is why I believe the editor to have no credibility.  He/she goes as far as to say "Obama is NOT a leader...he lies to America, he will bow to world leaders...etc."  On top of these rash statements, there is little to no evidence to back up the claims (only Romney's word at this point.)   
If this isn't a non-credible source, I'm not sure what is.  The editor throws way to much of his/her personal dislike for Obama into an article that has yet to even be proven.  The only claim this author has in the whole article is that Obama is not suited to be a presidential candidate and cannot be trusted and how he would sell his countries secrets in order to be elected into office.  
Now, while I am no Democrat, and I surely will not be voting Obama this year, this accusation and accompanied exaggerating is one step too far.  The editor lost all class in this article as he chose to pull out anything and everything he could think of (poorly) of Obama.  I am not a fan of mudslinging, especially to the degree this author took, so if anything, I'd say it only upset me about my own party's ruthlessness.
Let's stay classy Reds.

That's the way Scott sees it.

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